Monthly Archives: November 2011

The Holiday Class Divide

The unspoken rules were always thus; the UK middle classes loved summering in Italy, from Capri to ‘Chiantishire’, and bought their holiday homes in France, seeking out picturesque towns in Bordeaux and Provence, while the working classes headed for Portugal, Turkey and Spain. But are things changing? Talking to friends in Spain this weekend, the […]

Compo Time!

Okay, first of our competitions is up at the lovely Forbidden Planet site here. This one is for a signed first edition of ‘Bryant & May and the Memory of Blood’. The next one, on this site, will be for a special advance signed and doodled copy of ‘Hell Train’ – watch this space… I’ll […]

iPad Magic

Sweet kids’ show magic with an iPad. My laptop doesn’t do that.

Have Laptop, Will Travel

I’m going to Spain for a party, but it’s bucketing down here in grey old London, and a big dinner with some of my oldest friends seems a wise option. Back Sunday night.

Old & New London

This is an occasional new column of bits ‘n’ bobs I’ve seen wandering about town with mobile in hand. The title comes from the most extraordinary set of books ever produced on London, which I’ll cover soon. I’m not sure what the goat is doing on the stack of crates in Spittalfields, but it’s rather […]

A Platform For Music

Yesterday I nipped out to get croissants in St Pancras station (they bring in French bread every morning on the Eurostar), and missed this by minutes – a sudden pop-up symphony orchestra. Bugger!

How I Finally Learned To Love Stephen King

I first read ‘Carrie’ on a plane from LA, and it set the tone for my lifelong love/hate relationship with Stephen King. I thought the plot was brilliant in its simplicity – why had nobody thought of it before? But I loathed the toe-stubbingly flat language. What I could’t see was that King’s lack of […]

Wittering, Dithering & Whygo

Okay, that headline was a tortuous pun only the film critic Kim Newman will get, but it applies to the absurdities enveloping the 200 ‘Occupy London’ tents now gathered outside St Paul’s Cathedral in protest at, well, the state of capitalism. It’s a very vague brief for a protest, more a bit of a grumble […]

Book Now For Next…Autumn?

The paradox of London, as noted elsewhere on this site, is that while the wealthy properties might now be owned by SE Asians who visit twice a year, leaving richest parts of the city feeling oddly dead, the rising number of tourists and general visitors means that an immense amount of planning must go into […]

Off The Rails Again!

You wait for a thriller about trains and two come along, honestly. The first lovely copies of ‘Hell Train’ have just tipped up at my front door, and very sexy they are too, with nice spot gloss on the cover. I’ll be having a comp next week (or maybe before, if I can think of […]