Monthly Archives: November 2011

Shouldn’t He Get The Bond Title Number?

I thought I’d posted this before but I can’t find it on the site. Well, the new Bond film has a title – ‘Skyfall’, which doesn’t sound remotely Fleming-like – so I thought we should have the rather wonderful David McAlmont singing ‘Diamonds Are Forever’ with Bond composer David Arnold, who has a nice line […]

Re:View – ‘Cold Fish’

One of the darkest Japanese thrillers for a long time, this is another of director Sion Sono’s high-volume melodramas that offers an incredibly cynical and misanthropic view of humanity. Shamoto, the timid owner of a small tropical fish shop, has a bored second wife and a daughter who hates her. This is revealed in a […]

Looking Up In London

Many years ago, when I wrote a thriller called ‘Roofworld’, one of the side effects of that novel was to create an army of readers who sent me shots of things they’d seen looking up at the tops of neglected buildings. Recently, I stumbled across the work of Paul M, a young Australian photographer who […]

Pop-Up Kosher!

This is a London first – a kosher Sunday roast pop up restaurant is appearing at The Shop in Kensal Rise. Kosher shops and butchers will provide all the ingredients for the feasts (the first takes place on 4 December, the second on the 11th), and Rabbi Moshe Dadoun from the Porat Yousef Synagogue will […]

Where Did All The Black & White Films Go?

Remember those things? Stopped around 1960, always had Sid James in them, filled up the TV schedules all day, now gone. It was only when I searched for a black and white film on the EPG that I realised they had vanished completely, but the French film ‘The Artist’ reminded me of what we had […]

Things I Missed (An Ongoing Series, Apparently)

It was the London to Brighton Veteran Car Rally last weekend – here’s footage of last year’s 60 mile event, the driving equivalent of slow cooking. The thought of watching a series of widely spaced old cars creeping through South London’s unattractive roads or waiting for AA vans has never appealed, but always makes me […]

Daily Mail Funnier Than Viz: Official

What’s that incredible high-pitched noise? It sounds like someone trying to drown a weasel in a bath. You know, annoying, urgent and yet strangely ineffectual. Oh, it’s the Daily Mail, shrieking itself into a state of religious ecstasy over immigration. Because the Home Secretary lost a few million immigrants recently. Remember when you came back […]

Why Do You Have To Like TV?

Yesterday’s column touched a nerve – is it snobbish to not watch TV? Only if you make a big deal out of telling people – UK television became the Vox Populi from the 1960s onwards, after the BBC stopped trying to use it as an improvement device, and there are certainly some terrific programmes to […]

Television? What’s That?

A funny conversation over the weekend with a friend who doesn’t own a TV and is being bullied by the government to buy a licence. It seems they can’t grasp that someone might not own a TV, and are now threatening him to buy a licence or got to court. While we have a TV, […]

My Hood Goes Good

Ten years ago, hookers and druggies ran the streets of my neighbourhood, and many buildings were derelict. Now King’s Cross is in the middle of a £2bn redevelopment plan. The area is centred around Pentonville Road, Gray’s Inn Road and Euston Road, overlapping Bloomsbury, Islington and Camden. Behind the station is a 67-acre former site […]