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Mad Rubbish You Stumble Across On The Interweb Dept: This is not the French Fantomas we know and love, but some kind of weirdly ironic European version. Some superheroes have secret identities in which they are hairdressers, apparently. Given the high percentage of smutty jokes in this episode, it’s hard to tell who the audience is intended to be. Drunk teens, perhaps. Or perhaps it’s one of those ironic US shows remoulded into Eurononsense – who knows?

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  1. J F Norris says:

    Oh, those wild Norwegians! This is the kind of thing you used to find on “Adult Swim” on the Cartoon Network over here in the US. There seems to be a huge audience for this kind of thing. Even on regular network TV as opposed to cable. Anders Bye is a Norwegian comic I learn from a little quick Googling. Apparently a comic with some money to burn.

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