I Say, Mind The Gap!


We have a rare chance coming up to tour the disused Aldwych underground station. Originally named Strand, the station became a public air raid shelter during the Blitz and is now mostly used for training and as a location for films such as ‘Atonement’ and ‘V for Vendetta’. The station has no working lift and 160 stairs to the platform. I’m assuming 1935’s ‘Bulldog Jack’ was also filmed here, which featured top-hatted toffs sliding down the stairs on tea trays.

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  1. jan says:

    i heard that Bulldog jack was in fact filmed at the (by then i think) disused British Museum station and the plot involved going up into the museum where an egyptian sarcophagus led to a secret passage going into the underground system!!
    i’ve probably got this all mixed up as i’ve just had some cider.

  2. Ken says:

    Now that brings back memories. I did my degree next door at Kings and used the station all the time.

    No idea why as it would always be faster to walk from Holborn but there was something slightly menacing about Aldwych which I liked

    I love the thought that MI6 would demo their latest Aston Martin there

  3. Andy says:

    The secene where the water came down the station stairs in Atonement they used a half scale model, matching the tiles, light fittings, bannisters and even the pattern on the metal step caps to the station at Aldwych. I had the opportunity to walk through it during construction (my brother built it) and it’s very odd seeing pictures of the crew inside making the final adjustments, appearing twice human size in a perfectly ordinary tube station stairwell.

  4. Anything filmed there for the Quatermass and the Pit Hammer movie? Or the 20th Bond film?

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