Red Gloves Compo -The Winning Answer


And here on my right is the girl of my choice,
With the tilt of her nose and the chime of her voice.
And the scent of her wrap, and the words never said,
And the ominous, ominous dancing ahead.
We sat in the car-park till twenty to one,
And now I’m engaged to…

Except he wasn’t. His love for her was unrequited. She barely knew him but damningly thought he was ‘nice’, and in 2008 she died at the age of 92.

I have just signed and doodled in a first edition of my ‘Red Gloves’ collection, and it can be collected at 10am tomorrow morning (or at the later date of your disposal) from the site where her admirer looks up so admiringly.

Well, the real clue was in the end of the post – Betjeman ‘looks up admiringly’ here, and the reason he does so is because he saved the station from destruction. Sorry – Peter A actually beat Sparro but when I received the comment the second line was cut off, so in a fit of magnanimity I’ll give both of you a signed copy. You can’t say fairer than that!

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  1. Sparro says:

    This is surely a reference to John Betjeman, and Joan Hunter Dunn, at Camberley golf and tennis club.

  2. porl says:

    british library? archives?

  3. Stephen Groves says:

    I think Sparro’s right.


  4. porl says:

    isnt camberly in Surrey and wasnt the quiz about a London location tho?

  5. Sparro says:

    ..then it must be Senate House, at University College, London.

  6. Peter A says:

    Mmmmm is this worth a journey from Edinburgh?

    I’m guessing London’s St.Pancras International station

  7. Sparro says:

    Senate House, in Malet Street is as central as it gets, I’d guess! Did they not both work there?

  8. admin says:

    You’re not thinking about the last words of the clue, are you?

  9. Peter A says:

    If I get a 2nd guess – Senate House (Ministry of Information), Bloomsbury

  10. Sparro says:

    The sight where ‘he (Betjemin) looks up so admiringly’ is the platform at St Pancras International Station; his statue, in other words.

  11. Peter A says:

    Damn you Mr Fowler I have work to do…. 😉

    Joan Jackson – Joan Hunter Dunn
    Ministry of Information, Senate House
    King’s College
    University of London

  12. johnny mains says:

    Well, that’s where he first saw her, at the Ministry of Information – and I think the poem mentions Aldershott – so I’m out of ideas… 😀

  13. Peter A says:

    Camberley – Camberley Lawn Tennis Club

    You can tell I’m not from London!!? lol

  14. Peter McEachern says:

    JB is descibed as looking up admirtirng by artist Peter Honey in a painting for his 2010 calendar.

  15. Peter A says:

    See now you’ve got me making wild Arthur B connections – Chetwode Road

  16. Gareth says:

    Yep, think Sparro has it. A picture of the statue can be seen here –

  17. admin says:

    We have a winner – Sir John Betjeman ‘looks up admiringly in the top of St Pancras Station – Sparro, you are the only one who got it right.

  18. Oliver M says:

    I’m guessing Camberley Heath Golf Club (probably the car park).

  19. Peter McEachern says:

    Congrats to Sparro.
    I now know a lot more about John Betjamin than I did this morning.

  20. Peter A says:


    3 posts earlier –

    >>November 18th, 2011 at 3:28 am

    I’m guessing London’s St.Pancras International station<<

  21. Dave Lewis says:

    I’m going for Joan Jackson.

  22. Cid says:

    Am I too late to go for Joan Jackson as well? I don’t know what’s going on but I hate missing out.

  23. Gareth says:

    My copy of Red Gloves turned up from PS today. The End Papers are stunning, you can see them here

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