London Eccentrics: Tom & Roxy


This is an occasional series on London’s odder inhabitants. My pal Paco was looking for a Holborn pub or bar in which to hold a directors’ meeting (they’re vintners), and I recommended ‘The Seven Stars’, which appears in my novel ‘The Victoria Vanishes’. Paco ended up being in there for about five hours; it’s that kind of place.

I recommended it because the tiny pub is lined with posters from British legal thrillers (of which there used to be many). The pub is used by those in the legal profession – the landlady is the ebullient Roxie Beaujolais, and the cat is the ruff-wearing paralegal moggy Tom Paine.

Situated behind the law courts, ‘The Seven Stars’ is one of the few Holborn buildings that survived the Great Fire in 1666. Beaujolais is a chef and connoisseur of the good life, and keeps the pub open on Sundays, which is a rare thing in the City of london these days.

The pub is wonderfully eccentric, but it saddens me is that the major breweries, who only see profit and turnover, never realise that the way to ensure a pub’s longevity is to keep its character – or if character is lacking, to imbue it withy some. Isn’t this basic common sense?

PS I’ve just seen Tom Paine’s pic on Matt’s lovely site, ‘The Londonist’; sometimes I think we’re stalking each other, except that his site is far more comprehensive on London events – bookmark it if you haven’t already done so.

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  1. Sparro says:

    I’m very glad to see Tom Paine Cat (“The Rights of Puss”) still alive and hopefully well. Is there not aportrait of this magisterial moggy upon the wall of The Seven Stars?

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