Win ‘Gloves’ Tomorrow!


To celebrate the launch of ”Red Gloves’, my massive double-volume of short stories, I’ll be giving away a signed limited first edition of the book to the person who can name the site I’ll cryptically identify in central London. I’ll be posting the clue tomorrow morning at 10am on this site, and the first correct answer wins.

9 comments on “Win ‘Gloves’ Tomorrow!”

  1. Cid says:

    10am fail.

  2. Alan Morgan says:


    Was there one for Hell Train in the end? I might of course have missed the blessed thing.

  3. Wayne says:

    Got my signed copy yesterday, ordered it way back in August Number 57 of 100.

    Should i enter the compo? No leave it for someone else.

    Great so far. Thought it would be two individual volumes though, surprised it was one book split in the middle and reverse printed. Horrid little bar-code on the volume two cover.

  4. Peter Lee says:

    My signed copy – no. 60 – arrived yesterday too and I must say I’m really disappointed with the package, although I haven’t started reading it yet. Things I didn’t like: I thought the slipcase looked very cheap & nasty and was expecting something a bit snazzier – maybe embossed – after all it cost £50. I was also disappointed to find it was a single, small-format hardback, and I’d thought that the promise of a two-volume set would actually have two volumes, not a single hardback with a multi-coloured spine that looks a little cheap. The barcode on one of the covers also spoils the whole appearance. Finally, I noticed the copyright page states that story credits appear at the end of the book but guess what? They don’t.

    I’m not sending it back to PS, but I doubt I’ll buy a “special” edition from PS again. Not your fault, Chris.

  5. OK, so if we aren’t lucky enough to win this book where can one buy it? I’m in Canada so an on-line seller would be great.

  6. Helen Martin says:

    Terry, Amazon Canada has it.

  7. admin says:

    I admit I thought the slipcase would be embossed, but the author is always the last to know.
    The Hell Train comp is after this one – I’m doing them off my own back from my private copies, in order of publication.

  8. Dan Terrell says:

    Amazon/UK has already posted the next book in the Bryant & May opus …and the Invisible Code for Aug 2, 2013. Can’t wait; please don’t let the publication date slide. Well into Memory of Blood…very nice.

  9. Wayne says:

    Is it just me? I feel like I am reading an uncorrected proof! There are quite a few typo’s in the first volume. Wrong words seem to be randomly placed into sentences. Have you done this to test us?

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