Shouldn’t He Get The Bond Title Number?

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I thought I’d posted this before but I can’t find it on the site. Well, the new Bond film has a title – ‘Skyfall’, which doesn’t sound remotely Fleming-like – so I thought we should have the rather wonderful David McAlmont singing ‘Diamonds Are Forever’ with Bond composer David Arnold, who has a nice line in dry double-takes.

McAlmont is sensational live, and is consistently one of the UK’s most underrated performers – catch him when you can. Meanwhile this is a rather more flamboyant take on the classic. I can’t imagine many other singers crawling through an orchestra in a catsuit…

3 comments on “Shouldn’t He Get The Bond Title Number?”

  1. Gretta says:

    To be fair, ‘Skyfall’ sounds a damn site more Fleming-like than ‘Quantum of Solace.’

    I’ve often wondered what happen to McAlmont. ‘Yes’ was one of THE hits of the Nineties, in my very humble opinion, and he has a great voice.

  2. Evelyn Sawyer says:

    I had the great privilege of attending the Concert for CARE a couple of years ago where David Arnold brought David McAlmont on to sing “Yes” live. It’s possible I have never been happier.

  3. susie tullett says:

    Check out David’s new website……he and Guy are playing the Jazz Cafe on Sunday 20th November before announcing a new nationwide tour from January…

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