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To celebrate PS Publishing’s yummy new hardback reprints of the old Harvey Horror comics (for which I’ve written a foreword), artist Graham Humphries has painted me in a tribute to EC’s original ‘Vault Of Horror’ comics book. I have to go now, I’ve a splitting headache!

3 comments on “I Axed For It”

  1. J. Folgard says:

    Brilliant -I like all those old comics from the fifties (and it’s good to see so many reprints getting out these days), and this gift picture is spot on!

  2. stephen groves says:

    Hi Chris,
    Finished Red Gloves yesterday.
    Truely phenomenal writing,Fantastic prose that transported the reader to situations and places evoking in just a few sentances feelings of anxiety ,dred or wonderment.I may have been on the tube the other day but for 30 minutes I was in the oppressive heat of India just before the start of the Monsoon season,and you wonder why I worship at your alter and why my book shelves groan with the weight of the volumes of your books or why i will never give away or sell any of them.
    I have many favourites from Red Gloves ,The Eleventh Day to The Boy Thug ,Beauitiful Men to Arkangel ,Down.In fact most of them.The weakest story I thought was The Stretch,which i would guess was the one Steve Jones didn’t like, not dark enough maybe.Still awsome,a bench mark among short story collections.
    Just remember Don’t give up the day job,ever!
    All Best

  3. admin says:

    Hi Stalky – I’m very pleased that you liked the stories so much – oddly ‘The Stretch’ (a sort of OK magazine story) wasn’t the one Steve hated – it was ‘Enjoy’, which I like a lot!

    Many thanks for the kind words…

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