Monthly Archives: October 2011

Why People Deny Geniuses

An interesting piece in the Independent today here about historical revisionism. The history books were grew up with were short on detail and followed a clear through-line, but as everyone except Creationists improve their understanding of the world, certain things become clear; slavery was a bad thing, many regimes and wars have proven disastrous, capitalism […]

Silent Britain

80% of all the silent films produced in Britain were destroyed, leaving just a tiny handful of films and pieces now in the vaults of the BFI. Matthew Sweet, who wrote ‘Shepperton Babylon’, also made a documentary about these forgotten silents called ‘Silent Britain’, which is a real eye-opener. We’ll probably never get to see […]

Who Reads Reviews?

It’s the standard answer from actors – ‘I never read reviews’, and we used to think ‘Oh, I bet you sneak a peek at them all the time.’ But lately there’s been a fundamental change in the way the press works. With everyone and their dog’s sitter learning how to type in a rudimentary manner […]

Re:View – ‘Melancholia’

Depression is a planet-sized weight that’s unstoppable, so you might as well accept how terrible life is and be positive; that’s Lars Von Trier’s message, and perhaps it has never wavered; from ‘Breaking The Waves’ to ‘Dancer In The Dark’ and ‘Dogville’ his women sacrifice themselves for the greater good. But at first it’s hard […]

Atmospheric London

With the centre of the city currently being torn up to install the immense Crossrail line that will connect East to West, you’d think the backstreets would be brighter than ever, but it seems a lot of the lighting has been dialled down – there was talk of reducing light pollution recently, so perhaps that […]

Best. Name. Ever.

Oh no! More London Books!

Yet more London books to bankrupt us! Matthew Sweet has produced an account of lives, losses and inconsiderate love-making in ‘The West End Front’, from the egregious con man Sir Curtis Lampson to the louche inhabitants of the ‘Pink Sink’ bar, Fifth columnists, communists, spies, spivs, charlatans and deposed monarchs, they’re all here. Delightfully gossipy […]

The Train Arrives on January 5th!

Okay, we have a date and we’re up on Amazon (and will be in all good bookshops) so here’s the official blurb on ‘Hell Train’, my chiller-thriller epic from Solaris Books… ‘Imagine there was a supernatural chiller that Hammer Films never made. A grand epic produced at the studio’s peak, which played like a cross […]

The Readers Have Spoken

Regular readers of this site will know that I try to maintain a level of interactivity about my books, and it appears from your comments that you favour stand-alone stories with an overall development arc that moves the lives of those in the Peculiar Crimes Unit ever-onwards. Thank God for that, because it’s where I’m […]

Is Guy Fawkes Back?

After years of being swamped by bland colour-branded shopping-friendly Halloween, could Guy Fawkes night possibly be making a comeback? The recent protests against the city bankers have seen a return of Guy Fawkes masks, but specifically, the masks sported by the villain/ hero of Alan Moore’s graphic novel ‘V For Vendetta’. Which is interesting, because […]