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For all the culture that goes pop, you need Tripwire magazine in your life. Apart from the lovely interview I did with them in issue 55, it’s a good way of keeping up with all that’s happening in the overlapping worlds of comics, games, movies, books and a host of other brightly-coloured exciting mind-stuff. You know you want it. Visit their site here.

3 comments on “Trip Over This!”

  1. J. Folgard says:

    My -discerning & tasteful- retailers gave me a heads-up about this two or three weeks ago. I’ll preorder the issue when the sollicitation hits, it better be good! (oh well, Tripwire is always good)

  2. Alan Morgan says:

    What is it with this buff, hearty Elric that rises up with increasing regularity? Quite the opposite, Elric was rather weedy and indeed needed drugs to get up in the later afternoon for a spot of fluffy slippers and kitten golf. For much of the time thereafter and yes, he’s plunging his great throbbing runesword into half of creation much to their quasi-orgasmic death/delight but still whilst having a good mope about it, all nine stone of him…

    …Indeed he doesn’t cheer up much until the 1960s (and it took being Jerry Cornelius to do it). And how he managed that when he caught himself in the mirror at the end of the film of the Final Programme no one will ever know. Least of all him. Not that the film should be confused with the book of course, but the actors make a good fist of what they had to work with from Robert Fuest. Which wasn’t much.

    Raw nerve.

  3. Joel Meadows says:

    Dear All,
    it’s available in the shops now (both US and UK)


    Joel Meadows

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