Monthly Archives: August 2011

Great Equal Rights Signs

These suggestions why there should be gay marriage legislation in the US cracked me up. Find the rest of them here.

What Not To Call Your restaurant

Okay, I can see the pun they were intending – it implies French vegetables, but by making the ‘tout’ a ‘2’ they concentrated your attention on the first word, meaning ‘skin disease of mammals caused by parasitic mites and characterized by intense itching, lesions, scabs, and a loss of hair’. Unsurprisingly, it has closed down.

Getting Lost In London

Yesterday I went to lunch with my publisher and head of PR, and decided to walk to the restaurant, which was right in the centre of town. I was walking and reading, not really concentrating, as you do, and arrived too early, so I carried on walking. In the process, I managed to lose the […]

Scary Movies

Twenty eight films in four days – I must be insane. I thought I’d grown out of these things but no, here I am again, back in my seat with hundreds of other maniacs at Frightfest, Europe’s biggest horror festival, screaming and grimacing along with everyone else. This year the opening night offered the Guillermo […]

See Everything

‘Everything’ being London’s latest pop-up, this time brought to you by the Museum of Everything, the mad person’s version of a normal museum which stages highly odd events. But let them pick up the story about the Shop of Everything; ‘In a few short days we shall open the first stage of our forthcoming multi-stage […]

Celebrating The Scala

Earlier I posted about the return of the repertory film house, and lo and behold, I discover we’re in the middle of – well, if not a return, certainly a celebration that’s been going on all month across London. The Scala Cinema began on Scala Street just off Tottenham Court Road. It had a stained […]

How Capitalism Works

Good things go. Bad things stay. The Travel Bookshop was the inspiration for the rom-com Notting Hill, in which Hugh Grant fell in love Julia Roberts. But despite becoming one of London’s most popular tourist attractions, it emerged on Tuesday that the bookstore is to cease trading after 32 years in business. A group of […]

Re:View – ‘Nothing To Declare’

On the French-Belgium border the traffic’s building up, because Ruben (Benoit Belvoorde) is a rabid patriot determined to catch the ‘cheese-eating frogs’ who infringe the law, and is taking his role as customs officer way too seriously. His bosses know he goes to far, but it’s 1993 and the borders are about to come down […]

The Padlock Problem Spreads

On Midsummer’s Eve I reported on the mystery of the Millennium Bridge padlocks. Now we have a further explanation, from Venice. On top of its usual problems of rising flood waters, sinking palazzi and tourist congestion Venice has got the lock problem big time. Inspired by a bestselling romantic novel, young lovers are rushing to […]

Re:View – ‘5150 Rue Des Ormes’

Ah, it must be a foreign film – imdb has almost no reviews on its site. Well, they miss out on a lot. I’m a sucker for films in which people are held captive, a sub-genre that began with ‘Whatever Happened To Baby Jane?’ and the underrated ‘Fanatic’ (aka ‘Die! Die! My Darling!’) in which […]