Curtain Call

London, The Arts

During a break in the films of Frightfest, we nipped up to the Roundhouse in Camden Town to see Ron Arad’s amazing installation ‘Curtain Call’. Consisting of hundreds of plastic rods hanging from the ceiling and arranged in 360 degrees, projectors run seamlessly circular film onto them to create a total environment that you can step into.

I pushed open the ‘curtain’ to find dozens of people lying on the floor watching a series of commissioned films by artists, the best being a vast sinister jungle during a storm, a matador preparing for a bullfight and a dazzling graphic reinvention of the building. The sound, size and darkness help to create an intriguing sensory experience – and I’ve noticed how often the London public like to lie down in installations. I remember walking into the Tate Modern’s ‘Weather Project’ and finding everyone – hundreds of people – all lying on the floor as if they’d gone to the beach.