Getting Lost In London


Yesterday I went to lunch with my publisher and head of PR, and decided to walk to the restaurant, which was right in the centre of town. I was walking and reading, not really concentrating, as you do, and arrived too early, so I carried on walking. In the process, I managed to lose the street where I was heading – how is that possible? These are the shots I took as I tried to find my way back again.

They include a pop-up Swiss cafe and a judges’ outfitters, but I forgot to take a shot of the Victorian pissoir, probably London’s only one. A new book called ‘Hidden City – The Secret Alleys, Courts & Yards Of London’s Square Mile’, proves there are still plenty of unexpected places to discover.

2 comments on “Getting Lost In London”

  1. Andy says:

    Temple district for some of those, know them well, used to meet my wife for lunch there when she worked in London and once the sandwiches were finished we’d take a stroll around.

  2. stonemuse says:

    “Hidden City – The Secret Alleys … ” book is excellent

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