Gloves On!

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Yowza! Thank you PS Publishing! The ARC of ‘Red Gloves’ is here, with 25 new stories, with two special Bryant & May stories and two introductions. And at over 400 pages I have to say it’s a real whopper! There will be 100 signed and numbered slipcased hard-cover collectors’ items at £49.99/ $80.00, and 500 hardcovers at £19.99/ $32.00.

6 comments on “Gloves On!”

  1. stonemuse says:

    ahhh, I want it … must be soon presumably

  2. Stephen Groves says:



  3. Ann Y says:

    Good cover – looking forward to reading it. When is the publication date please?

  4. Alan says:


  5. Gretta says:

    Alan – “My preciousssss…”?

  6. Porl says:

    Cant wait!!

    How are the hardcovers and LTD eds being distributed ? Via the Publishers website?

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