Monthly Archives: July 2011

Re:View – ‘Detective Dee’

I’ve long been a fan of Robert Van Gulik’s Judge Dee novels. The Chinese detective is a terrific creation, so I was pleased to discover that Tsui Hark has directed a Dee movie. It’s closer to an Indiana Jones flick than any of the books, and yet it retains the complexity of plot that made […]

Me & Hazel

Last week I posted a review of an excellent show called ‘Girlfriends’, which I had first seen many years earlier at the Playhouse Theatre, London. I was turning out some old photographs and found a shot of myself with Hazel O’Connor, the play’s original star. Hazel and I had been working on a film called […]

Never Go On Holiday With Me

And I’d been thinking of going to Chile next. Skegness is suddenly looking appealing. They don’t have volcanoes there, do they? I’m taking a vacation from Thursday, and expect to be gone just over a week, during which time I won’t have access to internet (or possibly even electricity), so for the first time since […]

Would A Touch-Screen Kindle Make Me Switch?

Frankly, yes. The Sony pocket eReader is a thing of beauty and a wonder, by far the easiest, most stylish and lightest eReader on the market, but to use it I have to download ePub copies from the appalling Waterstone’s website, which feels like it was designed by someone who was kicked out of IT […]

Re:View – ‘Road Show’

Few plays have ever thrown money at the stage like this one; dollar bills literally leak from the characters until the audience is ankle-deep in the stuff. America is on the rise and there’s money to be made for the opportunists. Spanning a period of 40 years, this is the true story of two fortune-seeking […]