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There should be a special English word for the feeling you get when you realise that summer is more than half over and won’t materialise again this year. Already I’m taking bookings for October – how depressing is that?

Here’s something that won’t depress – a bumper new crop of chills from Steve Jones and the gang. Unfortunately I can’t be at the signing due to not-very-foreseen circumstances, but the copies will most certainly be signed by me beforehand. I’ll be at the event on Friday and Saturday a.m.

One comment on “Pumpkintastic!”

  1. Helen Martin says:

    I have never been drawn to horror, either in books or films and yesterday I learned that it is genetic. You either get a thrill out of being scared out of your gourd or you don’t. If you enjoy it, it’s because not very deep down you *know* they’re only actors or it *is* something the author made up. People who don’t enjoy it aren’t so sure, it seems. Scientific experiment properly conducted, apparently. Just FYI

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