How Could I Not Have Known This?

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Having recently been described as ‘cantankerous’ (i.e. having an informed opinion and being over 40) I can now add ‘utterly mystified’ to my description. I’ll admit it now. I have no idea at all who this woman is. Apparently she’s a model and a best-selling author, but somehow it seems I’ve never heard of her. And how could I have missed this life-changing cultural event? She just failed in her attempt to have the world’s biggest book signing, in Leeds.

A spokeswoman for her publisher said there was “a terrific turnout” of fans who wanted copies of her new book signed but did not reveal how many copies Price signed, saying it was “standard practice” not to release the information if the record was not broken. Clearly making it up as she goes along.

Here’s Miss or possibly Mrs Price on the plot of the book.’A singer who has fame then falls and has men who do kiss and tells on her then she gets a job on an X Factor type show, then she becomes famous again and meets men again but it is a happy ending.’

The book has gone in at Number One.

STOP PRESS: I have now read up on this lady, and apparently she wants to have 12 husbands and many, many children. She’s probably a very nice person and not at all in need of involuntary sterilisation.

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  1. I followed this ‘news story’ earlier today and found a video interview with her. She couldn’t even name the holder of the record whose record she was trying to beat. He was just ‘…the other guy, the chess player…’

    Worth watching for the fans’ comments at the end. Mind boggling.

  2. Gretta says:

    Katie Price is what happens when Blue Peter meets Davros…

    ‘And here’s one I made earlier using Fairy Liquid bottles, sticky-back plastic, silicon and fake…well, fake everything, really. Bwahaha!’

    It’s best not to dwell on such things, admin.

  3. Alan says:

    Post-natal abortion anyone?

  4. Cid says:

    She’s the bint with the offspring that got Frankie Boyle in trouble, as I understand it.

  5. Wayne says:

    Christopher, do actually have a television set? if not that’s why you do not know who she is…. and lets face it you haven’t missed out not knowing.

    I guess you have never read “The Sun” either, that’s where she started life… Page 3. SAY NO MORE.

  6. Alan Morgan says:

    I think there’s some definite tongue-in-cheek here. If not then Chris Fowler goes into her here* on his excellent blog site. It’s pretty good there, check him out.

    *Though not in the manner of Jarvis of Soho.

  7. I.A.M. says:

    Alan, I suspect the use of the “lady’s” name previously was a blatant attempt to drive traffic to the blog in the hopes that mentioning “hot names” — Murdoch Winehouse Obama Formby Brosnan Gilliam Hitchcock Larsson — might create an increase in interest for the mysteries written by cantankerous* ex-movie promoters. One is best advised to not have too long a memory for the earlier postings hereabouts.

    * according to the definition above, this appellation would be accurate for me as well, d*mnit!

  8. Alan Morgan says:

    You could be right there I.A.M, all those Michael Ripper fans googling him up and being drawn in here? Do ’em all some good too.

  9. Sparro says:

    Is she not the one who has already written five autobiographies? When questioned by a journalist about some incident in her famous (for being famous) 25 years of life, she replied “Oh, is that in it?”

  10. Gretta says:

    Off Topic, but Helen mentioned this happening somewhere else. I got an encoding error while trying to download this page: “The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because it uses an invalid or unsupported form of compression.” Reloading the page fixed it, but this is the first time it’s happened to me here. Or anywhere, for that matter.

  11. Helen Martin says:

    I’m getting a different form of error message today and avoiding it by using the title list on the right as a navigation bar. I’m too stubborn to reload. (Don’t ask, it’s genetic. That’s my answer to everything today. v. comment on Pumpkintastic)

  12. Steve says:


  13. Julie says:

    What would be really interesting is an interview with the person who writes Katie Price’s books for her. Though sadly I suspect there will be some legal (and financial) bar to her doing any interviews. I wonder how copyright works when you have someone write a book on your behalf -then describe yourself as the author and the book has your name on it?
    The really funny thing is that anyone unfortunate enough to have ever seen Katie Price interviewed would know at once she couldn’t write a coherent postcard, much less a novel.

  14. Ann Y says:

    She is very rich though….

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