‘I Loved Your Worst Book!’

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There’s a good article in the Guardian yesterday, asking why authors are always best remembered for the wrong book. It’s not always true, but accurate in a lot of cases. Often it’s because a film was made of one and not the other.

The article cites Kurt Vonnegut Jr for ‘Slaughterhouse 5’ when his best book was ‘Cat’s Cradle’ and Joseph Heller for ‘Catch 22’ when his best book was ‘Something Happened’.

Here are a few more of mine;
‘A Handful Of Dust’ over ‘Brideshead Revisited’
‘The Chrysalids’ over ‘Day Of The Triffids’
‘The Unlimited Dream Company’ over ‘Crash’
‘Time And Again’ over ‘Invasion Of The Body Snatchers’
‘The Hours’ over ‘To The Lighthouse’
‘Howard’s End’ over ‘A Room With A View’
‘Blood Meridian’ over ‘No Country For Old Men’
Staring at a wall over anything by Jeffrey Archer

This game could go on and on…

2 comments on “‘I Loved Your Worst Book!’”

  1. Rachel Green says:

    LMAO at the last one 🙂

  2. Rich says:

    ‘The Lair of the White Worm’ over ‘Dracula’

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