Re:View – ‘Agnosia’

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Another day, another astonishing Spanish genre film, this time a period baroque thriller by Eugenio Mira.

Joana suffers a disorder that stops her from being able to tell familiar faces apart. Those she sees every day have to wear different coloured rosettes to enable her to differentiate between them. Her father is a brilliant optics expert in charge of an ailing telescope company, who once created a specially designed lens that could have made his fortune. But it would have brought a terrible new accuracy to warfare, so he abandoned it.

His main rival plans to steal the secret of the lens. When Joana’s father is killed, she takes to her bed in a blacked-out room on the advice of her corrupt doctor. Here a man visits whom she thinks is Eduardo Noriega, her fiancé. But he has actually been employed to take advantage of her disability by taking the place of her husband-to-be…

Mira casts Noriega and the fiancé and his doppelganger so that they look very similar. Joana must learn to tell them apart or face ruin, but starts falling in love with the wrong one…

This is rich, classical film-making with the emphasis on character, story and tension, meticulously constructed to its operatic ending. The whole enterprise is beautifully realised and well worth seeking out.

3 comments on “Re:View – ‘Agnosia’”

  1. Intriguing plot and pic. Hope it comes to France…

  2. Helen Martin says:

    How does Joanna have a husband *and* a fiance? Or is it a case of polyandry?

  3. admin says:

    OK, husband-to-be. Corrected.

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