Going Scarlet In Cornwall


This weekend I’m in Cornwall, staying at a very clever eco-hotel overlooking a broad sandy beach at Porth Mawgan near Newquay. Having complained about the difficulty of reaching Cornwall for the weekend (a minimum time of five and a half hours by train, six by road or one hour five minutes by air) I decided to put my prejudices to the test.

The Scarlet is running by three young women with some simple but sensible ideas; air-conditioning replaced with heat exchange, no fridges in rooms, no electrical waste, a pool cleaned by reed beds, recycled water and air, and a design ethic that makes use of natural locally-sourced materials. The result provides the kind of chic, futuristic solution to tourism that Cornwall has traditionally lacked.

Within three miles of the hotel I could find cliffscapes and beaches with not another human being in any direction, dazzling light, and no sound but seabirds and the odd snuffling rabbit. Staying here is not cheap, but balances out against the cost of France now, and should encourage UK visitors to rediscover the wonders on their own coastline.

It would make a pretty nifty stay after the Olympics, too,

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  1. Wayne says:

    Here Here, come and stay on the UK Coast we have some of the best in the world. Visit East Yorkshire and you will not be disappointed, Visit Pembrookshire in Wales and your love every second. Visit the north Scottish coast and be WOWED.

    The UK is Fantastic and stunning you don’t need to travel far to find the sort of scenery you fall in love with. Its worth the travel time when you get to the glory of the wonderful landscape that is Great Britain……

  2. Helen Martin says:

    Right on, Wayne. The cities are nice, too. I know Chris doesn’t like York (too touristy) but the people watching is wonderful and if you come from a place where 50 years is a long time it’s fascinating to see what a thousand years can do to a place. And gardens! How about Heligon and the Eden project, that’s the southwest coast.

  3. Wayne says:

    I have to agree, York ! who would go there and enjoy it? Too many people not enough space….. Been a couple of times and i guess if your into people watching it would be fine. Having said that though its a very History rich city and the minster is very interesting.

    If i were to list every Good place to visit in the UK Mr Fowler would need to pay for extra server space for his Blog…..It truly is a wonderful country.

  4. Helen Martin says:

    We were in York in Sept. when there was a beer and food festival. We were only in the old city and never felt crowded. We had a fun experience in a cafe when the transom fell in, we watched a wedding party go down the street (hats! My dear!) we went to early service in the Minster and had coffee in the chapter house after and watched the mayor and all parade in for the Air Force service. We explained what was going on to some tourists. Nope, had a ball in York. Oh, and it was the opening of the display of a recently discovered hoard so we got to see that, too, but we didn’t do beaches. Maybe next time.

  5. Wayne says:

    Helen, I am glad you enjoyed your visit. Its all for the good and keeps the young in work while the Holiday makers enjoy…..

    A lovely city, just too busy for me.

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