Free Sparkling Water For London


The woman in front of me at Tesco has ten litre-bottles of sparkling water and another ten of still water in her shopping trolley. Is she insane? London’s tap water regularly beats bottled water in blind taste tests, and yet diners and shoppers often order bottled water shipped in from France.

So Thames Water is rolling out trials to deliver free sparkling water in restaurants, in order to wean people away from carbon footprint-unfriendly bottles. I recently ordered sea bass in a restaurant that had come from France. Can they pay for my dinner as well?

(Thanks to Matt over at the excellent Londonist for tipping me off)

6 comments on “Free Sparkling Water For London”

  1. Wayne says:

    Yes i whole heartedly agree with your comment’s….

    I have relations in france and they use bottle water over there where they live simply because it costs them less than taking it out the tap to drink. They have a well on there land and use this to irrigate the land but its not fit to drink. So they have two taps, one for mains water and one from the spring…. They use the “free spring water to wash, cook and irrigate but never turn the mains water tap on unless they are in dire need. It simply cost’s more than a plastic bottle from the Super U.

  2. The restaurant had come from France? I hope it wasn’t just for that one night! ^_____^

  3. Peter Student says:

    Evian – naivE

  4. Sparro says:

    I like drinking sparkling water; so I buy it from Morrison’s at 16p for two litres.
    Quite where it comes from before being sparkled is of little consequence to me.

    I once made tea whilst camping in a French spa town. I used a bottle of their naturally fizzy water to do so. I do not recommend this as a practise…unless you feel refreshed by a mixture of tea and Eno’s liver salts.

  5. Helen Martin says:

    We are regularly shown photos of piles of water bottles to show us how wasteful we are. I have a feeling this whole thing started when we saw cyclists with bottles and people started carrying bottles of water around. There were comments about the immature requiring bottles to suck on but you don’t hear those remarks any more. People had a ‘coffee break’ but now they keep a cup or glass on their desks at all times. Hydration is the magic word. Okay, so I don’t drink enough water/etc. but I refuse to force myself except when the weather starts making me ‘feel funny’. And that’s enough of that!

  6. Anne Fernie says:

    Manchester water comes from the Lake District & is soft and sweet tasting yet you still see goons buying the stuff in plastic bottles. Sort of related I felt physically sick when I saw those photos of dead sea birds literally stuffed full of the plastic items they’d ingested & which had killed them – very depressing.

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