Hidden London


Here’s something you probably won’t have seen before (I had to stand on a cafe table to get the shot). The Crossrail project has meant the demolition of entire city blocks in central London, and it’s amazing how quickly one forgets what was there before.

It’s not so much the building as where it is; right in the middle of town, in Soho’s Dean Street, where the demolition has revealed something hitherto blocked from view by the narrow street – the Victorian St Patrick’s Charity School, with its caged playground on the roof. I knew about St Patrick’s Church off Soho Square, but had not connected the two buildings before. If it’s not a school now, why keep the playground cage? (Click on photo to enlarge)

One comment on “Hidden London”

  1. Helen Martin says:

    They did that in Hong Kong, I understand. Put playgrounds on the roof. It makes sense if you haven’t got ground. Why take the playground down if the whole building is coming down? The church looks as if it were squeezed in, too. It seems very narrow for it’s length.

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