Monthly Archives: March 2011

Writing With Hooks

A recent conversation with a friend who’s writing her first novel raised a couple of interesting points. She was looking to produce a novella, but worried that the length would mitigate publishers’ interest. Many of my favourite 20th century novels are short – notably Virginia Woolf, George Orwell and Evelyn Waugh’s satires, but also the […]

Why This Store Needs London’s Help

The Big Green Bookshop is special even among other indie bookstores. It’s as much a community drop-in as a shop. Its owners are known throughout North London’s Wood Green, and go out of their way to make customers welcome, with regular readings and events. I’ve appeared there, and the atmosphere was wonderful. This is the […]

Kill Me Now

Just in case you’ve finished Winston Churchill’s or Nelson Mandela’s biographies, you might like to pick up this hefty tome which tells the inspiring life story of a man who has meant so much to so many people for so many years. (Actually this is Volume 2, the first, ‘Justin: The Unborn Months’ is still […]

Don’t Upset The Religioners

So, Iran may boycott the 2012 Olympics unless the logo is changed because it spells ‘Zion’ and is part of a pro-Israeli lobby. Actually, that idea has been knocking about on the interweb for ages and there are videos showing the ‘letters’ rearranged accordingly, but it’s just a representation of ‘2012’. Now, if somebody wanted […]