Monthly Archives: March 2011

Where You Going?

Barcelona. Oh. Enough Sondheim referencing. I’m in Barcelone for the weekend for several reasons. Making myself stop work. Blue skies. Jamon Iberico. The Rambla at Catalunya. Gaudi. Oh, and I’m getting my neighbour Shelley Von Strunckel some Marcona almonds from the Boqueria market, which has been here since medieval times. Since I was last here […]

Theft Or Genius?

It’s late and I’ve worked fourteen hours straight so I’m losing complicated thoughts, but I was pondering on copies and versions of creative works this evening, in the light of the lovely Pogo mixes posted elsewhere here, which sample tracks from films. One thing that strikes me as odd is that, if you write a […]

This Will Make You Ill

The NHS is an astonishing organisation that, by and large, works well. But if you want to see what is very likely to happen to it shortly, I urge you to watch this. The manifesto for change that is being pushed through at the moment will open it to billion-dollar insurance companies and lobbyists who […]

The Hollywood Movies That Aren’t

I really want to see it. After a winter of watching earnest Oscar-worthy dramas, I want to see stuff get blown up – but intelligently, if you know what I mean. Without all that wave-a-gun-in-your-screaming-face stuff. I don’t want to see the streets of LA again. I suppose I could go and see something with […]

Re:View – ‘The Adjustment Bureau’

Nice poster, shame about the film. ‘The Adjustment Bureau’ is a very pleasant love story, but it was meant to be a science fiction movie. Hollywood loves Dick, that much is clear, but the films it makes from Philip K’s material are very hit and miss. His freefalling ideas are wonderful on the page but […]


Okay, I don’t usually go for ‘funny cat’ pictures, but over at Dark Roasted Blend they’re having a special on what appear to be demonically possessed cats. These little buggers remind me that kitties are not cute, they’re the Linda Blairs of the animal kingdom and will probably eat your eyes if you fall down […]

Sinister Cecil

Cecil Court is known to book lovers as one of the most delightful streets in London. It’s just about the last one to be entirely filled with arcane bookshops, although I daresay Costa Coffee is probably trying to wedge its way in. It’s not about coffee down here, it’s about reading, and to help it […]


Want to know what Fox presenters (can’t really call them newsmen) are thinking about nuclear power right now, or why mad old Glenn Beck is demonstrating that out-of-date power stations are safe in earthquakes with the aid of a wok and some M&Ms? Then you have to read this.

Just To Make Life A Little Richer…

…You’ll find that I sometimes go back to earlier posts having located photographs or additional information about them, and add to them – for example, see the post entitled ‘Public Taste Suspect: Official’ further down – a new photo has appeared. Why? Because you’re worth it.

Meanwhile, Over At The Peculiar Crimes Unit…

…you’ll find the first post on Bryant & May – The Comic (we don’t say Graphic Novel anymore. I have this on good authority). The site is still coming together here (not enough hours in the day etc) and will be added to on a regular basis – with hopefully some kind of notification whenever […]