Farewell To The Shunt

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Shunt, you have been disorienting the London public with your weird performance art, dances, gigs, bands and cocktails since as far back as, oh, 2009, and now you take off and abandon us? And for what? What are they going to do with the dripping vaults beneath London Bridge, build the usual mix of offices ‘n’ retail?

I’ll miss your gravity-defying lift, your girls with sledgehammers and pineapples, and your cinema-garden filled with snowy trees.

Perhaps you’re closing in the knowledge that today is Cuts day – the day the government slashed arts funding. The cuts are supposed to be swingeing, and while I can think of a few venues we could really live without, I can only hope that new arts and theatre groups come up with ingenious ways around funding problems.

Some venues have already introduced Easyjet pricing (a smart move) and putting arts collectives under pressure can often invigorate them. In the last few years the Institute of Contemporary Arts has badly lost its way, and has been superseded by other organisations, while companies like Shunt have offered robust alternatives.

The last Shunt night is April 16th. I could put a hotlink here, but to be honest if you can’t type the word ‘Shunt’ into Google you probably won’t go traipsing about underneath London Bridge Station either.

3 comments on “Farewell To The Shunt”

  1. Helen Martin says:

    What is Easyjet pricing?

  2. Gretta says:

    @Helen – IIRC, it’s when the prices for tickets get more expensive the closer you buy them to opening night. I think(?) Christopher has mentioned it before somewhere.

  3. Helen Martin says:

    Thank-you, Gretta, you’re right, now that I have the definition.

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