Something For The Weekend, Sir?


That’s a phrase that will mean more than the sum of its words for Londoners of a certain age. Mike Carrington points out that Viktor Wynd’s Last Tuesday Society now has its own shop of grotesque curiosities in Hackney (parts of which are a grotesque curiosity in themselves).

So if you have urgent need of purchasing a Victorian surgical saw, a cutaway model of an eyeball, giant fungi or bison’s testicles (pictured), you now know where to go. Hurrah for this excellent chap and his strange tastes, and let’s hope he gets a chain so that there’s one in every station, just like (or better still replacing) WH Smith.

It’s a museum, too, with a healthy roster of lectures on esoteric subjects, which you can find here. They also do mail order, if you want to give your postman a fright.