Monthly Archives: February 2011

Take Me To Dinner

Come on then, what’s that thing on the left? If you said a glazed tangerine you’d be cold. Now if I tell you it’s in Heston Blumenthal’s new restaurant, Dinner, have another guess. Erm, ell, it’s meat. You break the mandarin jelly skin and biter into chicken liver parfait. It come from around 1500, and […]

Even More London Books

The Londonist has picked up on my London book choices and has augmented with a very nice list of their own top London books.Surprisingly, they’ve missed off one of the best – ‘Underground London’ by Stephen Smith. London the Encyclopaedia, Christopher Hibbert, et al. Night Haunts, Sukhdev Sandhu London the Biography, Peter Ackroyd Lights Out […]

Where The Rainbow Ended

I think you’ll like this story. It’s also true. In ‘Paperboy’ (just reissued with an updated cover mentioning my award-win) I spoke about childhood books. There was one particular book that intrigued me. It was the fantasy ‘Where The Rainbow Ends’, a book considered ideal for every young child’s bedroom. One illustration showed a girl […]

The Man With The Music In His Head

He provided down-at-heel postwar Britain with a soaring soundtrack that gave us confidence and glamour. France has Michel Legrand. Italy has Ennio Morricone. America has John Williams. We had John Barry, who died yesterday aged 77. He composed over 100 film scores including 11 Bond films, and won five Academy Awards. He bowed out on […]