Monthly Archives: February 2011

Streets You Wouldn’t Want To Live In

Walking past this yesterday made me think of other examples of streets you wouldn’t want to live in. Tower Hamlets os an area known for drug problems, which doesn’t help. Other streets names I’ve come across that shout ‘Don’t live here’ are ‘Laundry Road’ and ‘Pumping Station Avenue’. Of course, in medieval times we had […]

Seeing Double

Some people have classy namesakes. There’s another Christopher Fowler, author, married to the excellent SF writer Pat Cadigan, whom I’m sometimes sat next to at lunches – he’s a very nice chap. But there’s also one that crops up a lot on Google Alerts. This is his latest escapade. Suspect scares girlfriend, hits a pylon […]

Re:View – ‘Le Concert’

It’s a preposterous film, of course, but a crowd-pleaser in its native France and that means it will a/ never win an award and b/ hardly get distribution elsewhere before being remade by Harleywood. And yet – there’s something so fundamentally winning about the damned thing that it becomes irresistible. A cleaner at the Bolshoi […]

Re: View – ‘Four Lions’

I’ve never been a fan of Chris Morris’s. All that self-consciously naughty ‘subversive’ TV strikes me as the bottom-waggling of a disgruntled trustafarian trying to shock his mum and dad, just as Lindsay Anderson used to do before him. But I gave ‘Four Lions’ a try, and was very pleasantly surprised. Probably not the reaction […]

Hidden London: The Crossbones Memorial

Move along, there’s nothing to see. No, really – there isn’t. I tried taking a picture and it looked so manky I’m not posting it. But on a bit of wasteland owned by LT in Southwark there are more than 15,000 bodies buried by the order of the Sheriff of London. It’s Unhallowed Ground, and […]

The Mysteries Of London 2

As if to make the point about London’s mysteries even clearer, this gigantic noticeboard has appeared overnight in a backroad of King’s Cross, revealing some of the area’s secrets and incidentally providing all the clues you need to unravel the puzzle of ‘Bryant & May Off The Rails’. As a consequence I deliberately avoided photographing […]

The Mysteries Of London

Thinking about books on London (367,982 this morning, on Amazon UK alone) one of the problems is that as soon as you’ve conquered an area, new things are found in it, changing your perceptions again. I’ve just discovered a Secret Cinema club has been operating here for years, two streets away (this week, John Wayne […]

Bryant & May Website Launches Next Monday

The huge team of geniuses who toil ceaselessly to bring you tip-top bits and bobs about life, the universe and elderly detectives in London (me and Simon, the site’s designer) have had a pow-wow about the interweb and the way you use it. We’ll be looking at the structure of this site (where readers mainly […]

Early Influences 2: National Lampoon

When Mad grew tame I went to DC comics, then Marvel Comics (tougher), then underground comix (darker, ruder), then National Lampoon, which grew out of the Harvard Lampoon and became a powerhouse of intelligent satire at a time when the USA needed an opposing voice. National Lampoon parodied the presidencies through Vietnam, Kent State, Spiro […]

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

A few years ago I wrote a story called ‘Inner Fire’, in which the Gulf Stream stopped and England froze solid. This scenario was suggested by scientists investigating global warming. Well, now there’s a small but excellent new exhibition at the Museum Of London from Robert Graves and Didier Madoc-Jones, showing London’s possible futures. It […]