Throw Those Old Photos Out Now!


Turning out a cupboard to make space for yet more books, I came across this picture of myself and the estimable Barry Forshaw, author of The Encyclopedia of British Crime Writing and The Man Who Left Too Soon: The Biography of Stieg Larsson. Barry was going through his ‘Village People’ moustache phase, but then I think almost everyone was.

The occasion was the publication of ‘Darkest Day’,then the second book to feature Bryant & May after ‘Rune’. It’s common for authors to test-drive characters before getting them into a series of their own – think of superheroes and how they often appear in another character’s comic first.

It feels like a lifetime ago, though. And here I was, thinking I’d just begun!

2 comments on “Throw Those Old Photos Out Now!”

  1. Alison says:

    The first book of yours I ever read was ‘Roofworld’ and I remember leaping on ‘Rune’ with many a glad cry when I saw it – clearly you had me hooked very early on. I confess to not really remembering Bryant & May from ‘Rune’ but I remember them very clearly in ‘Darkest Day’. Even then they were joyous.

  2. Alan says:

    OMG – Roofworld! How the years pass.

    Excuse me while I dig out my copy of Spanky with the rather outre cover – time to disturb people on the tube again…

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