Seeing Double

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Some people have classy namesakes. There’s another Christopher Fowler, author, married to the excellent SF writer Pat Cadigan, whom I’m sometimes sat next to at lunches – he’s a very nice chap.

But there’s also one that crops up a lot on Google Alerts. This is his latest escapade.

Suspect scares girlfriend, hits a pylon at Walmart

A Chesnee man was arrested after deputies responded to a car crash in the parking lot of the Boiling Springs Walmart on Thursday.
Christopher Ray Fowler, 23, of 1022 Piedmont Road, was charged with reckless driving, giving false information to police and failure to surrender a driver’s license. Deputies were called to Walmart because someone apparently hit a pylon in the parking lot.

The officers found a 1998 Eagle Talon with heavy front-end damage and found Fowler, the owner of the car, near the entrance of the store.
Fowler said he was driving in the parking lot and talking to his girlfriend, who was walking alongside it, when he accidentally hit the gas pedal instead of the brake and hit the pylon, the report said. The car hit with such force, the report said, that the airbags deployed.

Deputies reviewed surveillance footage from the parking lot and saw the car accelerate suddenly and make a 90-degree turn into the pylon.
Deputies pointed this out to Fowler, who said he only wanted to scare his girlfriend and intended to swerve before hitting the pylon but because of the wet pavement, he couldn’t stop.

Fowler admitted the driver’s license he gave to deputies was suspended. Released from the Spartanburg County Detention Center on Friday on a $1,775 bond.

Here’s how I imagine my namesake. Maybe I should make my middle name ‘Ray’. Anyone else follow their doubles?
Anyway, after reading that, and having just read John Waters’ very funny book ‘Role Models’, I had to watch ‘Cry Baby’ again.

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  1. My names not so common but I think there’s a porn star with the same name as me.But one ‘L’ in the surname.

  2. stephen groves says:

    Are you telling me since 1986 i’ve been following the wrong Christopher Fowler? Oh the humanity!

    By the way my pc tells me that the latest blog was posted 2 hrs ago that would make the time by my reconning on a sunday morning, my god man iv’e barely finnished by second bacon sarney by then,repeat my bodies a temple ,my bodies a temple.

  3. Alan Morgan says:

    Cool, is ‘Raymondo’ now an acceptable form of address? It’d be very Jazz Club.

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