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My ‘Forgotten Authors’ column has lately reappeared in the Independent On Sunday (this week – Virginia Andrews!), which, after a few emaciated months, has finally expanded its books pages. The paper’s still visually a mess but its content can’t be faulted, and the expansion once more makes it a viable and excellent-value Sunday read. Sometimes I think it should just specialise to become The Arts Paper on Sunday, instead of giving cursory nods to sport and travel. It has good writers and readers benefit from a higher word count.

I always buy two Sundays, usually the Indie and the Observer. For me, the Sunday Times has too many ‘Zoo’ and ‘Nuts’-style articles on Top Gear and supermodels, and its shock-horror tone (‘Royal Opera’ to stage F-Word show!’) seems fake, unless it’s aiming at the Daily Mail’s market.

Speaking of the press, I wasn’t aware that the French community in London has its own magazine. Now seven years old, ‘London Macadam’ (which sounds like it’s put out by the tar-spreaders’ union) is a free glossy that features everything from restaurants to cultural events of particular interest to the French and Francophiles.

As such, it adds yet another layer of things-to-do to a city where it’s hopelessly impossible to keep ahead. You’ll find it in French bistros, bars and restaurants, and online at www.londonmacadam.com.

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  1. Rich says:

    I loved the ‘Flowers In The Attic’ series when I read them about twenty years ago. The Casteel series was pretty bad and I didn’t bother with ‘The New Virginia Andrews’. I think Andrews deserved better than to have her name hijacked by ghostwriters.

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