The Museum Of Everything


I’d love to show you more of the inside of the Museum Of Everything in Primrose Hill, but there was no photography allowed.

The third exhibition has Sir Peter Blake’s collection of fairground and circus memorabilia, including roundabouts, motorbikes and horses, Punch and Judy puppets, strange future predicting devices in glass cases, immense fairground banners promising visions of the Moon Girl and the Dog And Monkey Hotel, General Tom Thumb’s tiny boots, and a partial reassembly of the Potter collection of sparring stoats, card-playing squirrels and celebrated tableaux of fanciful Victorian taxidermy, including the famous ‘Who Killed Cock Robin? (warning; it’s really creepy).

This is the largest collection of naif art I’ve seen in a while, arranged in a lovely space, with personal notes from the collector. Downside – school parties clogging the narrow corridors and an exhibition book going for £60 (!) Upside – you’ve never see anything quite like it before. Sadly it has to end on Christmas Eve – something to do with its charity status. Hurry here now!

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  1. southcott says:

    You mean Sir Peter Blake, I think.

    The former titan of the National Theatre doesn’t quite seem the type to be collecting fairground equipment

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