Celebrity: First Night

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Audience happy!

As an exercise in nervous tension, I heartily recommend everyone to write a play and put it on. When I do readings, I’m in control and if it goes wrong it’s my fault. When there are lots of other people involved, the fate of the piece passes to fresh hands, but I was relieved that last night our terrific cast did us proud.

As a writer, I know where there are cracks in the construction; I know the second act plays better that the first, I know the clever jokes work less well than the human moments, I can see the audience wants to empathise and you have to allow them space to do so. When you write a book you can see none of these things, because you work alone.

And you have no idea if anyone’s telling the truth when they say they liked it. The temptation to be there every night and watch Victoria, Mark, Neil and Lucy go through their paces will be strong, but may kill my liver in the process.

So – first, small steps into a new arena. Audience happy. Author happy. Cast happy. Director happy. Onwards!

10 comments on “Celebrity: First Night”

  1. Gavin H says:

    Congratulations, Chris
    Great play, great cast and a fab performance from all. Some really good gags in there too. Good luck for the rest of the run.


  2. Alan Morgan says:

    Sounds fantastic, nigh on impossible to have made it unfortunately – congratulations and jaffa cakes to all involved.

  3. Ian Freeman says:

    Wonderful night, terrific performances, great piece – onwards and upwards, Chris. You are a talent to be reckoned with.

  4. Helen Martin says:

    This is when it is absolutely wonderful to be able to say we told you so. Congrats (and trying not to think about jaffa cakes)!

  5. Porl says:

    Yes – we told you so!! 🙂

    It was a brilliant night, and all carried off with great energy, zeal and aplomb!

    NOW DO MORE!!! (Or at least a funny scary one!!)

  6. Akshaya says:

    It was a fantastic night.

  7. Cliff says:

    Had a great evening. Many Congratulations Chris.

  8. Helen Martin says:

    Does this mean that we might see Celebrity at Vancouver’s Fringe next year? Probably not, what with costs & all, but maybe Edinburgh’s Fringe? The Original Fringe.

  9. Anne Fernie says:

    I know this is much to premature but are there any plans to tour this production any time in the future??

  10. Chanelle says:

    Its a pity you dont have a donate button, i would donate some

    (The Electronic Cigarette Queen bitch!)

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