When Authors Meet

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…they tend to drink and be rude about other authors. As was the case after the sellout Foyles bash for ‘End Of The Line’, the excellent tube tales anthology edited by Jonathan Oliver.We ended up at the Phoenix (coincidentally the venue for my play – as if I’m not going to be spending enough time there already!). That’s me, Sarah Pinborough, Adam Nevill, Conrad Williams and Michael Marshall Smith getting the drinks in…

3 comments on “When Authors Meet”

  1. Dylan Lancaster says:

    Started to read the book yesterday. It looks good so far.

  2. Drew says:

    An event with you and Michael Marshall Smith? Why, oh why, oh why did I miss that? I’ll definitely be buying the book… once I finish the latest Bryant and May.

  3. stephen groves says:

    Hi Chris,
    OMG what a turn out,it was like the annual British Fantasy Convention in one room!Amazing.

    Many thanks for the signing
    All Best

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