Keeping Up Appearances

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FYI, this week I’ll be reading around town, with an appearance at Foyles on Tuesday evening for ‘End Of The Line’ with Adam Nevill and Pat Cadigan (6:30pm kick off), then at the Green Carnation Award Read-Off at Gay’s The Word, Marchmont Street on Thursday evening at 7.30pm.

2 comments on “Keeping Up Appearances”

  1. Helen Martin says:

    That is a great photo. You notice he’s put his newspaper in his pocket in order to start the book he’s just bought. (He’s reading the end of the jacket summary or the author bio.)

  2. I.A.M. says:

    I believe there’ll also be John Llewellyn Probert in attendance at that same event. Try and get an event sorted in Bristol where he lives is akin to suggesting the author come in and hit kittens with hammers, it seems.

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