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Art funding is being slashed, and I’m not entirely sure this is a bad thing. After years of the Film Council, the state of British film is worse than ever. You can train all the talent you like to make films, but without vertically integrated companies owning both cinemas and production, there’s no outlet for viewing UK product, and you can’t force people to watch films like ‘Bunny & The Bull’ and ‘Tamara Drewe’.

Media studies. Remember those courses? Anyone regret taking them now, when TV and film markets continue to shrink? Short films on the internet remain exactly that – short films on the internet. The good thing is that anyone can come up with ideas – the bad thing is that it costs to produce them. But books and art can come from nothing. Which is why I like these US art pieces – just three from a stack sent to me by my friend Jan Briggs.

You can’t tell from the first two, but they’re made from Sellotape with clothes stuck on them. That simple. I hope their creator goes on to a great career. Anthony Gormley would approve.

3 comments on “Art From Nothing At All”

  1. Steve says:

    Love them – especially the head disappearing into the wall. Notice the parent moving the child away from the “stranger”. Priceless.

  2. Helen Martin says:

    Not just a stranger, Steve, but a supposedly young person sitting on the sidewalk. Only a drunk/drug addict would do that. He’s probably panhandling, too, even though you can’t see anything to put money in. How many automatic judgments can you count? (Why doesn’t judgment have an ‘e’ in the middle?)

  3. Lou Morgan says:

    They’re Mark Jenkins pieces, aren’t they? I think my favourite’s probably the “man falling in the fountain” he did in France (there’s a picture about 1/3 of the way down the “Street Installations” page of his site: They’re dark and witty and interesting.

    He’s also done something as part of the Underbelly Project in New York that everyone (read: gallery owners) seems to be trying to find. Interesting idea -have you seen the art down there?

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