Monthly Archives: October 2010

Stay Away From Venice

Venice is on everyone’s itinerary of Europe. I remember arriving there after midnight on a rainswept November night, dragging luggage across a partially flooded St Mark’s Square and trying to find a tiny hotel in the backstreets, and being thrilled by the looming, darkened architecture. But that wouldn’t happen now. A group of the world’s […]

Re:View – ‘Another Year’

I think it’s time for director Mike Leigh to get out there and reconnection with audiences. He makes a few too many films for the festival circuit, and when he does it shows. His best films, like ‘Naked’, ‘Secrets & Lies’ and ‘Topsy Turvey’ are sensational, but in between we get actors’ exercises masquerading as […]

Listening To The Paperboy

Very weird, this. The charming Gordon Griffin, who narrates the new unabridged audio version of ‘Paperboy’, rang me to get the voice right. Having someone impersonate you is a bit like looking in a mirror and finding someone slightly different staring back. Anyway, it’s out in a four-disc set from Magna Story Sound, obtainable by […]

Re:View – ‘The Secret In Their Eyes’

It came out of left field to win an Oscar over ‘White Ribbon’ and ‘A Prophet’, and deservedly so, because this is a legal thriller that outperforms in every way. In a way, the award was a cheat, because Juan Jose Campanella has been honing his directing abilities in US television for years, but here […]

That’s So 1888

Yesterday, while wandering around Soho with my trusty iPhone camera, I espied a typically gracious London street sign attached to the door of a private residence in raucous Rupert Street, W1. Suddenly it feels like Jack the Ripper’s back…

Shiver Me Timbers In South London!

What does that mean, ‘Shiver me timbers?’ Is it like ‘Shake my wooden legs’? Anyway, pirates are ahoy in Greenwich, Sarf London as ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean 4’ films there this month. My mate John is a pirate. I mean he actually looks like one. He’s large and beardy and beringed and tattooed, and tends […]