Monthly Archives: October 2010

I Like ‘i’, But…

The new ‘i’ newspaper just came out today, and apart from hating the stupid name (how can you email that title to anyone – you should have thought it through, guys!) it’s pretty good. Is it ‘more upmarket’, though? It doesn’t seem to be. Yes, there are serious articles; mortgages, the NHS, Obama, world politics, […]

The New Spam

‘I love it – I’m having spam, spam, spam, spam and spam!’ Actually I don’t love it, and especially now, when sites like mine are being hit by a new kind of rubbish spam. What happens is, someone selling, oh, I don’t know, sofa covers, writes a comment saying ‘I love your work, especially when […]

London’s New Skyline

The Cheesegrater is back. And so is the Walkie-Talkie. These skyscrapers had been placed on hold amid fears that the property market would continue falling and the banking crisis would deepen, but in a sign of renewed confidence they’ve been de-mothballed, and work is starting on them again. The Cheesegrater will be at 122 Leadenhall […]

How A School Stopped The Bullying

I was intrigued to read today about how one London school has ended the problem of homophobic bullying – something which has led to an increase in suicides around the world. Over the last five years, Stoke Newington Secondary School brought bullying to a standstill by teaching its classes about the wartime code-breaker and father […]

Britain Gets A New Newspaper

Having written for the Independent for a number of years I may be a bit prejudiced, but I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s launch of i, the first new quality newspaper to be launched in the UK in a quarter of a century. This now brings the number of national newspapers to 12, but I can […]

Cool Fall Reading

As a book judge, a book reviewer, a book writer and a voracious reader, I sometimes feel it’s all getting out of hand. But here are some I need to recommend to you. First up is ‘High Society: Mind Altering Drugs In History and Culture’, and it’s a book for which the term ‘lavishly illustrated’ […]

Putting The Kitsch In Kitchens

It’s an advert for cheap kitchens (but not so you’d know it) which features the much-hated Hackney Hipster look (see article passim). That should upset the people who run the ant-Hipster site.

Halloween Dogs

Living proof that civilisation on Earth is now at an end. These people are called Soshanna and Randi, and they’re with their dog Casey. Casey is the one in the middle.

Dancing On Graves

I stumbled across this new memorial yesterday on Pentonville Road, at the gravesite of Joseph Grimaldi (18 December 1778 – 31 May 1837). He’s commemorated in the little park where he is buried. It features a pair of coffin-shaped graves, and when you dance on them they ring out in different tones, making music. A […]

The Secret Worlds Of London

If you’ve never been to the London Metropolitan Archive, you’re in for a surprise. It’s an amazing resource open to all, but is shockingly underused by Londoners. Here they have everything from where the bombs fell in your street to the records of Bedlam (my favourite doctor’s entry for a young female patient; ‘Admitted suffering […]