Lantern Jack

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I’m pleased with Matthew Green’s illustration commissioned by the Independent On Sunday for my Halloween story Lantern Jack – so few illustrations (as opposed to comps) get produced today. There’s another on the next page, too. It’s great that a national newspaper still values fiction enough to run stories. The tale will go into my new collection from PS Publishing next year, although I still have to finalise a title.

3 comments on “Lantern Jack”

  1. stephen groves says:

    Hi Chris,
    loved the lantern Jack story,by the way have you checked the blog Murder,
    Mystery and Madness for the next year, last time I looked it had 7 comments.

  2. Lisa Perry says:

    Is this for a forthcoming edition of IoS or today’s? Must find in the US!

  3. Lisa Perry says:

    Oops, nevermind, I just found it online.

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