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A big thank you to Jan, Laurence, Maureen and the rest of the crew at the London Metropolitan Archive last night for a thoroughly fun Gothic Halloween Night. As a tip to future event organisers thinking of running readings nights, do what the LMA did – find your reader a comfy chair. It makes a huge difference when you’re onstage for an hour.

Of course, I shot myself in the foot a little in my choice of the opening story – a tale riddled with insane tongue-twisters and phrases, designed to be read on the page. In fact, I had performed it once before but I think we were all a bit drunk and it was fine!

The other story, ‘Lantern Jack’, appears in the Independent on Sunday this Sunday.

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  1. Fabienne T says:

    Thank you for signing our copy of “Off The Rails” yesterday. We enjoyed the two stories immensely. I forgot to ask you about a cure for the writer’s block that has been plaguing me lately, but hearing you read has done the trick: I will be able to finish off the scene I was stuck on… Now that’s what I call inspiring!
    Best wishes,

  2. Helen Martin says:

    Glad it went well, Chris, and I hope the Canadian was able to be there. That jack o’lantern on the far right reminds me of one I did for my library. The mouth was a big oval, the eyes were squinched and the innards were drawn out through the mouth. Kids loved the vomiting pumpkin and I didn’t care if the staff thought it was too weird for school.

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