Bryant & May Come To Life

Bryant and May

One way or another, my senior detectives are going to find a way to come to life.

Right now, scripts are being prepared for a TV adaptation from the folks who brought you ‘Wallender’. I’m hard at work on the first draft of the next novel – and we’ve been given the all-clear to create a graphic novel featuring Bryant & May. All we need now is a sympathetic publisher, and we already have some interest. Meanwhile, Keith Page, the ‘Commando’ artists that I’m very lucky to have as a fan of the series, has started character studies, some of which are hilarious. Here’s his take on the detectives themselves.

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  1. BangBang!! says:

    A tv adation is fantastic news – I can hardly wait!

    I know we’ve had the discussion before about what we think the lads look like. John to me is perfect – just how I imagined him. Arthur isn’t quite there for me. He looks a little too cartoon like. I always imagined he looked a bit like the actor Graham Crowden for some reason. Although he would have been too tall to play him I think.

  2. Rachel Green says:

    How fantastic. I loved Wallender and if yours turns out half as good… Looking forward to it already.

  3. Mike Cane says:

    Now that rendition of Bryant is somewhat closer to how I see him in my mind. I always think of him as being Leo McKern!

  4. Helen Martin says:

    Great but not quite so gap toothy because he has false teeth, doesn’t he? I always think of May as more withdrawn, but with a good pint going down he’d be forthcoming. Really looking forward to this, but how do we make sure our television stations – or at least one – carries it? Write letters, people – or emails at least.

  5. BangBang!! says:

    Good call Mike – Leo McKern would be fantastic!

  6. J. Folgard says:

    This sample image is wonderful -I really hope the graphic novel comes to life.

  7. Reuben says:

    This maybe a bit random, but the first thought that entered my mind when I saw that image above was “wouldn’t it be nice if Keith Page drew some Bryant & May christmas cards…..”

  8. Steve says:

    As it happens I was watching an episode of … oh hell, something something “of The Bailey”….yeah, very old….and thought the same thing about Leo McKern – that with a bit of work he’d be the perfect Arthur. Loved him in “Help!” Oh yes, “Rumpole”. Too bad he’s dead.

  9. stephen groves says:



  10. Steve says:

    “Graphic novel” sort of amuses me; in the USA, it usually means “pornographic”. Frightening thought when it comes to B&M.

  11. keith Page says:

    Hopefully it won’t apply in this case!

  12. Peter Lee says:

    I personally imagine Bryant as looking a bit like Mick from “Time Team” .

  13. Steve says:

    Hmmm….May looks just a bit like Mr. Fowler. Anyone else notice that?

  14. admin says:

    Oi! I am NOT Mr May!

  15. I.A.M. says:

    Admin is quite right. Mr. may has much longer hair, and habitually wears a suit. Additionally… erm… he… um…

  16. Helen Martin says:

    Be thankful no one has suggested you look like Bryant!

  17. Steve says:

    Heh heh heh…..

  18. m. says:

    can’t wait!

  19. Yvette says:

    Should Bryant look this much like a gnome? I like the look of May in the sketch, but not so much Bryant. The May depicted seems like a characterization, while the Bryant seems more like a charicature.

  20. keith Page says:

    Arthur’s appearance is still being worked on!

  21. Tony B says:

    I can’t help but picture Arthur Lowe and John le Mesurier…

  22. Kristen Reed says:

    Curious about whether Mr Fowler worked w/Mr Page on the sketches, or did Mr Page just take the descriptions from the books?

    Also, any word on casting for the TV show? If I could have *anyone* play Bryant, it’d be Anthony Hopkins (w/some serious make-up, of course). May? Maybe Ian McKellan or Michael York… Longbright? Not sure of her age, but somebody like Miranda Richardson.

    Anybody else have opinions/suggestions?

  23. Vickie Farrar says:

    Just another Hip Hip Hooray! re the plans for television show(s) and graphic novel(s) featuring Bryant & May.

  24. Audrey O'Connor says:

    For some reason when I read the first Bryant and May novel I got a mental picture of Alan Rickman and Jim Broadbent. Now those are the only faces I see when I’m reading.

  25. Rumsy4 says:

    In many ways, Arthur Bryant is the spiritual successor of Hercule Poirot. AB is untidy where HP was obsessively tidy. But both of them prefer the use of their little grey cells (with a little help from the occult, in the case of Bryant) to measuring footprints in the sand. Excited to hear about the TV series!

  26. Ken M says:

    I always picture Bryant as looking like Marcel Dassault and May like the actor Tony Britton. Or to put it another way the old man that Sherlock Holmes disguises himself as is what Bryant looks like undisguised…

  27. Pamela James says:

    This is indeed wonderful news. Keep us posted and I really want to know when we can see them in the USA.I love Bryant and May and I am sure the series will transfer well to the television series.


  28. Mike Petty says:

    I would like to see Bryant and May come to life while I visit London later this month from the States. Any one site you consider the quintessential Bryant and May hot spot? And what about those oddly named boiled sweets Bryant is always sucking on? Are they real and are they available?

  29. admin says:

    OK Mike, I would recommend The Pineapple pub, Kentish Town, or for something slightly more central any one of the older pubs around Fleet Street. And those boiled sweets are available in any retro sweet shop these days – check out Covent Garden.

  30. Jim Tulloh says:

    you’ll forgive me if I avoid watching any tV adaptation? I have a distinct image of Mr Bryant and Mr May and it doesn’t need altering!

  31. Mark E. Taylor says:

    Tony B beat me to it when he mentioned Arthur Lowe & John Le Mesurier…
    this is going to sound bizarre, but i think you’ll see where i’m coming from …
    Sean Connery & Roger Moore… take five and have a brew…

  32. The Good Dr says:

    Almost perfect image there, just like the ‘sweet spot’ on a pear drop.

    When it comes to a live action version, Peter Cushing would have made a perfect Bryant – but he’s dead.

    As for who’s left, perhaps Ian McKellen as Bryant.

    And, part of me can even see Harrison Ford as May. Don’t ask me why – in my mind it could work. He’s certainly more John May than Indiana Jones these days.

    Certainly be interested to see who fills the octagenarian detectives *gum* shoes. Please pass on more information as soon as you can!!

  33. Vit says:

    Dear Mr. Fowler,

    I am your the big fan from Czech Republic, so I am very sorry for my bad English.

    I love your books about Bryant and May. When I have black mood, I take your book and I feel very well… so thank you very much for it, Mr. Fowler.

    I am very happy that it´s preparing Bryant and May mysteries for TV series… I hope that this project is still actual:-)

    Concerning the cast for this TV series, my proposal is:

    Arthur Bryant … Anthony Hopkins (nobody would be better in this role than Anthony Hopkins)

    John May … Christopher Plummer (I think, that the best would be Ian Richardson, but he already died in 2007, so I think, that Christopher Plummer is the second best choice)

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