Shiver Me Timbers In South London!

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What does that mean, ‘Shiver me timbers?’ Is it like ‘Shake my wooden legs’? Anyway, pirates are ahoy in Greenwich, Sarf London as ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean 4’ films there this month.

My mate John is a pirate. I mean he actually looks like one. He’s large and beardy and beringed and tattooed, and tends toward the Greatcoat and Thigh Boots school of dress. So now he’s working in the movie as an extra, obviously. But the funny thing is, why do film crews still go to Greenwich now that there’s CGI?

I remember ‘The Music Lovers’, Ken Russell’s bombastic (but rather good) take on the life of Tchaikovsky, being partly filmed among the colonnades there, but it’s no longer necessary. Here’s how the film ‘John Adams’ recreated its maritime setting – and the shock is just how much can be done in post now.


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  1. Quite a few of your recent embeddings of Youtube films have not seemed to work out for me, recently. Of course, with the titles, one can easily locate them on the Youtube sites, but you might be forgetting something when you embed them.

    I’m not surprised when seeing all that one can add to the picture, nowadays. I was stunned back in the days of pioneering the field, when a clip showed how much was already added to the filming of the Young Indiana Jones Chronicles. I expect, considering the time and expenditure needed for all these FX, it may still be easier to film on location, sometimes. And — not that it’s a paramount consideration — I suppose the actors prefer that to green screen, whenever possible.

  2. admin says:

    Try them again Patrick – they were first loaded as tiffs and I changed most of them to jpegs. Let me know if there are still any that don’t work.

  3. No, it’s not so much the pics, as the links to the files which seem to be broken when I click on the embedded clip. They all link to<object width= ,which looks like the mere beginning of the proper URL. It probably has to do with my set-up (I'm on a Mac working on OS X, and Firefox 3.6.10) since it appears to work for everybody else, but I've no idea where the problem stems from. I can't remember any recent updates, and it all worked perfectly well until recently. When I click on the above clip, the John Adams visual FX, I still get linked to a 404 page at the half-URL above.

    Curiouser and curiouser…

  4. admin says:

    I’ve just checked this from my end and it does seem to be your set-up. I can only suggest reloading/ updating from your terminal, as a quick hunt-around shows it working on a wide mix of PCs and Macs.

  5. In the lower right-hand corner of the viewer space you’ll find the YouTube Legend. If you hover over that with your cursor, the annotation “Watch on YouTube” will display. Click through to the Flash Player command menu, selected WAtch on Youtube and then capture the URL, which for this video happens to be You can append ‘&feature=player_embedded’ if needed.

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