Monthly Archives: October 2010

Having Fun With The London Eye

Check out this nicely amateurish-looking tourist video of the London Eye…

Lantern Jack

I’m pleased with Matthew Green’s illustration commissioned by the Independent On Sunday for my Halloween story Lantern Jack – so few illustrations (as opposed to comps) get produced today. There’s another on the next page, too. It’s great that a national newspaper still values fiction enough to run stories. The tale will go into my […]

One From The Vaults

A big thank you to Jan, Laurence, Maureen and the rest of the crew at the London Metropolitan Archive last night for a thoroughly fun Gothic Halloween Night. As a tip to future event organisers thinking of running readings nights, do what the LMA did – find your reader a comfy chair. It makes a […]

Celebrity 11: Props!

Our first props have appeared – our lead character is a chain-smoker, so the smokeless stage-fags are drafted in for our leading lady, who has never smoked. It’s time to explain to her that there are certain ways in which smokers respect space by holding their ciggies away from others. Snouts are great, because they […]

There Goes The Neighbourhood

Charles Booth’s massive study on the London poor, created at the end of the 19th century, has been compared to present-day London in a new study. Booth had used school board visitors, who provided very detailed records of how families were living. The project was expected to last two years but took 20, and the […]

The Dead In London

I don’t really like Halloween. I didn’t grow up with the event (I think it was imported into London in the 70’s) and it feels like an excuse to sell stuff to kids, rather than anything real. I can see why it caught on over here, with easy colour-coding and things to buy, but it […]

Celebrity 10: Transformation

We’re rehearsing the play upstairs in a pub that seems to be slowly filling up with furniture. This week it’s chairs, not any old chairs but ones that look like they’ve been shifted off the set of a King Arthur movie. They weigh a ton and all have to be moved, along with King Arthur’s […]

Extinct Creatures

A global conservation study has warned today that one fifth of animal and plant species are under the threat of extinction. So here’s a question: Would you prefer to have a beautiful animal, butterfly, bird or even insect back from the edge of extinction in return for replacing it with something else for the extinction […]

10 Ways To Tell You Live In London

Since London expanded to include all sorts of geographical bits ‘n’ bobs that used to warrant a day trip to the countryside to visit, it’s hard to tell what’s London and what’s not. The old tube-zone ruling doesn’t work as well as it did, so here’s a guide. 1. A changing traffic light means ‘Run […]

Re:View – ‘Splice’

Easily the most underrated (and unseen) SF film of the year, ‘Splice’ revisits the rich territory of experimental science with a story that feels closely allied to Cronenberg’s remake of ‘The Fly’. Director Vincenzo Natali made ‘Cube’ and here makes another small-scale drama rich by applying intelligent SF ideas to it. Two scientists in love, […]