Halloween Dogs

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Our American cousins seem to be very keen on humiliating their pets around this time of the year, as any quick search for Halloween Dogs will show you on the interweb. My particular favourite was a Dracula dog with its pointed teeth bared, but these are pretty funny too.

Anyway, this is by way of letting you know that my new short story ‘Halloween Dogs’ is apparently now available on the retro-designed (ie Moscow 1950s) reading gadget Kindle, for your edification, or not.

6 comments on “Halloween Dogs”

  1. stonemuse says:

    very amusing pics … in the meantime, I have purchased Halloqeen Dogs, looking forward to reading it

  2. Megan Morrissey says:

    Is Halloween Dogs available to read on paper? I’m still trying to avoid e-books (and their readers) at all costs…this doesn’t help!

  3. mikenicholson says:

    While in the USA last month I spotted – in a strange garden centre cum supermarket, and amongst a pretty comprehensive selection of Halloween stuff (ranging up to life-size half-zombies – from the waist up – ready to place on your lawn as if they’re clawing their way out of it) hilarious mini rubber figures, about the size of Action Man, that you could strap around your dog’s belly and onto their back. Essentially they then gave the impression of your pooch being ridden by tiny humans – one was a cowboy, another a jockey and so on.
    They were amazingly poorly-made – massively crap in detail and paint finish. Almost like some kind of outsider art. . . as if they had been made by and for the insane.

    What the hell they had to do with Halloween I don’t know, but by God I wish I’d got a photo of one.

    I don’t THINK I imagined it.

  4. Steve says:

    I’m sure you didn’t imagine it. We Americans will buy any kind of crap that gives us a laugh, no matter how poorly made – and we will do so particularly around “holidays” (which I’m sure comes from “Holy Days”). I set that in quotes because I’m not sure if Halloween is technically a holiday or not. Christmas? I’m sure at Christmas with all the sparkle and glitz we buy we’re supporting the entire Chinese economy. That’s where 90 percent of it’s made – China.
    With all that, I do draw the line at humiliating our dog. Usually.

  5. Helen Martin says:

    Halloween, (the eve of all hallows – all saints’ day) has become exactly what you were saying, a pile of crap. Lay your hands on The Halloween Tree, a book by Ray Bradbury and finally available as the movie with Leonard Nimoy on DVD! I creeped some kids out with the book once. Anyway, schools here adopted it because they could do it without really offending faiths other than Christian. It’s now all about dressing up and getting candy. Oh, and carving pumpkins and setting off fireworks. I’ll stop before I start frothing again.

  6. Steve says:

    Ah, the good old days..at our home in Oklahoma (please, NO SINGING), for years we would have literally 500 trick-or-treaters streaming to our door. fog machines, lasers, animatronics – and me, dressed as the classic vampire. Ruffled shirt, full cape (a real one, not a cheap costume), wig, makeup, red contacts, professional FX quality fangs…creeping out and terrifying little children. How delightful it was! We’re not living in that house now…a Victorian, perfect for the occasion….and where we live currently, well, there’s basically no Halloween. We still own that house, and may return one day; in which case I’ll be able to terrify children again. One can only hope!

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