No-Tourist London No.2


Hatton Garden is traditionally where many Londoners go to buy their wedding rings. It’s a street and area near Holborn, and its name is derived from the garden of the Bishop of Ely, which was given to Sir Christopher Hatton by Elizabeth I in 1581. Hatton Garden has been the centre of London’s jewellery trade since medieval times, when the City of London had certain streets dedicated to types of business.

Nearly 300 of the businesses in Hatton Garden are in the jewellery industry. Michael Flanders and Donald Swann sang of a sewage worker, “Down Below:
“Hatton Garden is the spot, down below
Where we likes to go a lot, down below,
Since a bloke from Leather Lane,
Dropped a diamond down the drain,
We’ll be going there again, down below.”

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  1. Sue Howlett says:

    Just to say I enjoyed your blog. How I loved Tony Curtis in his films when young not have an idea that he was gay until later in life. From your writing I’m wondering if you meditate every day going deep within. I gave your book to my husband that you signed for him on Wednesday night, at the writer class, trying to encourage him to read as Paper Boys is in his time zone. Mick learns through talking books, are any of your books in that format. I hope you did not have to wait for your train too long. Thank’s for a very interest evening on Wednesday.
    Best Wishes, Sue

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