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Audio books, aren’t they versions of paper books? Not any more, because legendary crime editor Maxim Jakubowski has created ‘The Sounds Of Crime’ an anthology specifically designed to exploit the audio possibilities of crime, and it’s available only in audio form.

I’m there with a new story, along with Lawrence Block, Mark Billingham, Peter James and Val McDermid – available now from Whole Story Audio in a 3 CD set.

3 comments on “The Sounds Of Crime”

  1. I.A.M. says:

    How cool! Other than the thing being brought to life with only one voice, though, how else does it differ from radio drama (not that there is the slightest thing wrong with radio drama)?

  2. Herschel Neal says:

    I’m a big fan of audiobooks and have several of the Bryant and May books, which I rather enjoy. Have you heard them? If so, I’m really curious what you think. The voice characterization for May took some getting used to. A little too tired sounding. But overall they’re rather good.

  3. Helen Martin says:

    A number of people I know have audio books to listen to in the car rather than music. The only concern I’d have there is what happens when the plot situations get tense – do you pull over to the side until there is a resolution? While having dinner in Washington State a few days ago I heard someone explaining the nature of the CBC (“the government radio but not really government”) and what a radio programme was (like before we had tv”). Then he described a programme he got once he topped the hill across the border, about these soldiers in Afghanistan, and it’s so real sometimes I just hold the wheel in a death grip.” I told him how he could get the first 4 seasons of “Afghanada”. Radio drama grabbing a new generation.

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