When We Were Very Young

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The lovely Barry Forshaw, editor of the Encyclopedia of British Crime Writing, sends me this blast from the past. I don’t remember being there, but apparently it was Clive Barker’s 40th birthday. I’m rubbish at names but recognise Clive, Kim Newman, Steve Jones and Peter James. Authors end up with hundreds of similarly awkward-looking shots of themselves standing around in semi-deserted bookshops…

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  1. Dan says:

    I think the fellow between you and Mr Barker might be Brian Stableford?

  2. Anne Fernie says:

    Sorry to go off track Chris but you might be glad to know that the crime bookshop in Greenwich Village (NY) a veritable cornucopia has all your Bryant & May books (not the new one though). Nice to see although I’m not sure about those American covers…….

  3. Steve says:

    I’m an American and in my opinion the American covers are pretty awful. But if the books sell – and they do – who am I to argue with success?

  4. admin says:

    I think those covers are soon to get a makeover – and I’ll be watching over them very carefully.

  5. Steve says:

    Thank God! Yes, please do watch over them!

  6. Terenzio says:

    I am rather partial to the British covers due to the images of some of London’s landmarks including St. Pancras and the Palace Theatre, although I do find the quirkiness of the American covers rather fun and find the juxtaposition of images interesting.

    While soaking in the bath this evening I shall ponder what goes into a “par excellentment” book cover. Afterwards I shall retire to the boudoir (alas not in my lavender or pink dressing gowns, which sadly are both out being laundered) and read a Fred Vargas. About a year ago a friend of mine recommend this French mystery writer whose novels are slowly being translated into English. At the time the FT weekend wrote a review of one of the mysteries. I cannot say enough good things about this mystery series. They remind me of the traditional whodunits from the 30’s and 40’s except with a modern day French sensibility. Au revoir for now.

  7. Alan Morgan says:

    Robert McGinnis. B&M in the sixties with a McGinnis cover. Baby.

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