London Tribes: Goths

London, Observatory

Goths, bless ’em – along with punks, probably the gentlest and most misunderstood of the London tribes. They’re usually literate and smart and rather quiet except in their choice of bands, and seem to host a surprisingly number of trans-gender folk. The Goth stalls sold fantasy figurines, necklaces, black dresses, books and rather too much candle art. At this event, one had a pet skunk, which I suppose is a perfect chromatic match for Goths. Pictures are by our artist with the roving eye, Graham Humphries, who spotted one guy in the crowd who had simply gone for a Friday 13th vibe…

One comment on “London Tribes: Goths”

  1. Peter Student says:

    My girlfriend runs the market there, so I’ll pass your comments on…
    Isn’t it just the best crowd of people, though? I saw you and excitedly ran off towards my girlfriend shouting “Oh my god! It’s Christopher Fowler” and then being too chicken to go up and ask for a photo! Hope you enjoyed it despite of the mass murderers and knickered women on stilts!

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