Central London’s Secret Alleyways


The next time you’re ploughing up Oxford Street against the tide of human traffic and wishing everyone would just get the hell out of your way, remember that there’s a network of tiny alleyways just behind the main thoroughfare on the North side that hardly anyone ever uses. In summer, these alleys look like country lanes, and some even have cottage houses in them.

I took these shots in the middle of Friday’s rush hour. The alleys are so small that they don’t even appear on Google maps. The best way to find them is to head up behind the HMV store and cut through until you hit Tottenham Court Road. They offer a brief respite from the overpopulated streets of the West End. Click on them to enlarge.

2 comments on “Central London’s Secret Alleyways”

  1. Helen Martin says:

    What a lovely peaceful walk! The bottom two pictures are the opposite sides of the lane, I assume. The fence is just like the one around the charming yard in St. James’ Park.

  2. Vickie Farrar says:

    This is what I (almost) like most about your blog–the just-taken pictures of London, particularly a largely unoticed/unseen London. I tell my friends/family, “Go, go, look what he’s got on there today!”

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